The senior-level personnel changes in Asia Cement(China)!


Updated Thu, 19 May 2022 11:11:32 GMT

On the evening of May 10, Asia Cement (China) Holding Company announced that from May 10, 2022: Dr. Wu Zhongli, the executive director of the company, has resigned as the chief executive officer of the company, and Mr. Zhang Zhenkun (also the chief executive director of the company) has been re-designated from the deputy chief executive officer to the chief executive officer of the company to replace his position. Mr. Zhang, aged 75, was an executive director and the deputy chief executive officer of the Group prior to his appointment as the chief executive officer and is responsible for the production technology and research and development business of the Group. He has over 50 years of engineering and management experience in the cement industry. Mr. Zhang is also a director of Asia Cement Company Limited ("Asia Cement"), a controlling shareholder of the Company and a company incorporated in Taiwan with limited liability, the shares of which are listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Mr. Zhang joined Asia Cement in 1968 and subsequently joined the Group in December 1997. Mr. Zhang graduated from Taipei University of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering.