Gao Dengbang: Conch Group has created five “firsts” in cement industry


Updated Wed, 09 Oct 2019 10:22:26 GMT

  On the morning of September 21, the 2019 World Manufacturing Conference of Innovation-Driven and Manufacturing High-Quality Development High-end Forum was held in Hefei province. Gao Dengbang, the Chairman and Party Secretary of the Conch Group, was invited to attend and gave a keynote speech which was titled “Innovative Empowerment – Promote the High-Quality Improvement of Traditional Manufacturing Industry”.

  Gao said that General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in his congratulatory letter to the conference that China is willing to work with all parties to promote the vigorous development of new manufacturing technologies and make positive contributions to promote high-quality development of global manufacturing and achieve mutual benefits. It further strengthened the confidence of Conch Group to move forward along the path of open development.

  Gao believed that to promote high-quality development must adhere to innovation-driven. Under the guidance of innovation-driven, Conch Group has gathered domestic technical strengths, combined the sources of production, education and research, and boldly explored and dared to practice. Therefore, it has built the first production line of cement clinker with 10,000 tons per day, the first set of pure low-temperature waste heat generators, the first system that used to co-dispose the urban domestic waste with the use of cement kilns, the first intelligent plant to full-process cement and the first cement kiln carbon dioxide capture and purification project.

  Scientific and technological innovation is the foundation of the manufacturing industry and the soul of progress. In recent years, Conch Group has implemented integrated innovation with modern cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, 5G mobile applications and so on, which were helpful to seize the commanding heights of global cement industry and expand new space for China's cement technology upgrade.

  Gao pointed out that to promote high-quality development must adhere to the green transformation. In recent years, Conch Group has continued to increase investment in environmental protection, and vigorously promoted the application of high-efficiency dust collection equipment, cleaning operation system for cement packaging, rainwater collecting system, staged combustion, high-efficiency denitrification and desulfurization and other environmental technologies to achieve cleaning production. At the same time, the group has been vigorously developed and applied a series of environmentally friendly new technologies for the coordinated disposal of municipal solid waste, sludge, industrial solid waste and hazardous waste, and further developed new energy-saving materials and environmental protection equipment industries related to cement.

  Practicing the development conception of “clear waters and green mountains can bring us prosperity and wealth” is the responsibility of large enterprises and an important part of the high-quality development of traditional manufacturing. Focusing on the realization of green development, Conch Group stands at the height of participating in the “100-year Plan” of ecological civilization construction to constantly innovate the business model and promote the transformation of industry to ecological green.

  Gao said that to promote high-quality development must also adhere to open and win-win situation. Conch Group has actively responded to the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and set about a global layout. It has set up cement clinker production bases in Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and other countries respectively. It has achieved mutual benefits with local society by exporting advanced management experience and technical equipment. At present, the group has established 41 companies in more than 20 countries and regions. We will further deepen international exchanges and broaden cooperation channels, especially strengthen pragmatic cooperation with countries and regions along the “One Belt, One Road” to achieve mutual learning and mutual benefits, mutual benefits and common development, contributing to the development of the world economy and manufacturing industry.

  Gao stressed that to promote high-quality development must adhere to management. There is no high-quality development without high-quality management. Conch Group has continuously explored and practiced institutional changes, vigorously implemented management improvement projects, integrated and managed the boundaries of management at all levels and strove to create a group-oriented development with the flat management structure aims. And the Group has also vigorously constructed a multiple-pronged supervision and control system with party committee inspection, efficiency monitoring, internal audit, and legal review, strengthening multiple-dimensional risk control and increasing the special high-level talent training. Management is the key to build the foundation for enterprises.

  Conch Group is accelerating the transformation from traditional resource-intensive to technology-intensive, green and low-carbon, and transnational development multinational enterprise. The group has made solid steps and useful explorations in high-quality development. In the next step, we will continue to accelerate high-quality development and sustainable development in order to make greater contributions to the transformation and upgrading of China's traditional manufacturing industry as well as high-quality development.