Conch Group plans to add a new project by investing one billion yuan!


Updated Fri, 10 Apr 2020 17:38:58 GMT


  From April 2nd to April 4th, Chen Ailin, deputy secretary of Yueyang Municipal Party Committee, led a team to Conch Group which locates in Wuhu, Anhui. Chery Holdings visited the company and had a negotiation on project cooperation. They reached an initial investment of 100 million yuan with the Conch Group for developing a new production line, in addition, they reached a consensus on the promotion of four projects (proposed and under construction), with the investment of 1.3 billion this year. Moreover, they reached an intention on overseas collaboration with Chery Holdings and intended to maintain communication on Chery's high-end manufacturing projects, accompanied by Huang Yueshan, deputy secretary-general of Yueyang Municipal Committee, Xie Sheng, secretary of Linxiang Municipal Committee, Wang Wenhua, deputy secretary of Party Working Committee and director of Management Committee of Chenglingji New Port Area, Li Jianhua, secretary of Party Working Committee and director of Management Committee of Yueyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Wu Gang, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Chenglingji New Port Area

  At the headquarters of Conch Group, Chen Ailin and his team visited Haiqi Equipment Company of Conch Group, Carbon Capture Project of Baimashan Cement Plant and the exhibition hall of Conch Group, accompanied by Wang Jianchao, deputy general manager of Conch Group, secretary of the Party Committee and vice chairman of Conch Cement. Besides, they had a meeting with senior management of Conch Group.

  At the meeting, Gao Dengbang, secretary of Party Committee and chairman of Conch Group, introduced Conch Group's 2019 situation of production and operation, as well as the scale and layout of the main industries of cement and extrudate and the extension of the industrial chain and overseas development. He said that Yueyang City has a good industrial foundation and transportation regional advantages, also Conch Group is a Fortune Global 500 company with rich management and capital advantages. Both sides can make full use of their respective advantages on the basis of the existing cooperation and further strengthen cooperation on projects. In addition, Linxiang City introduced the relevant cooperation projects of Conch Group.

  Chen Ailin thanked Conch Group for its support to Yueyang's economic and social development, besides, he expressed full confidence in the further cooperation. He pointed out that Yueyang City, as the window city of Hunan Province, burdened with the mission of connecting the Yangtze River Economic Belt and integrating into the Yangtze River Delta region. He hoped that Conch Group will continue to increase the investment in Yueyang and share the results of Yueyang ’s high-quality development. He said that Yueyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will support the operation and development of Conch Group’s Projects as always. Governments at all levels should give full play to the spirit of service and ensure projects develop smoothly with the first-class business environment and first-class service to promote win-win cooperation. Both sides reached a consensus on developing another production line with new investment of 100 million yuan as well as speeding up the construction of four projects (proposed and under construction).

  That afternoon, Chen Ailin and his team visited Chery No. 3 Car Factory, No. 3 General Experimental Center, Collision-Joint-NVH, Sanfa Assembly Line, New Energy Phase II Plant and Automotive Research Institute, accompanied by Xu Hui, secretary of the Board and deputy general manager of Chery Holdings. During the visit, they continued to discuss and communicate with the staffs on related issues of high-end automotive manufacturing project. The fully automated production line, busy production workshop and high-end laboratory left a deep impression on investigators.

  Afterwards, both sides conducted negotiations on high-end manufacturing projects, China-Africa trade and barter trade till midnight. Finally, they reached cooperation relationships on foreign trade matters, such as to comprehensively carry out barter trade based on the China-Africa Trade Forum. Chen Ailin said that Hunan ’s Chenglingji New Port Area is the bridgehead for Hunan ’s opening up. By seizing the development strategy of the Yangtze River Economic Belt initiative, highlighting the port-neighboring economy, striving to build an important support point for Hunan to implement the “Belt and Region” initiative, promoting the connection between the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, implementing demonstration zone of the Yangtze River Economic Belt initiative, and integrating with the “Belt and Road” and deepening the opening up of the “bridgehead”, which have provided a broad space for both sides to deepen cooperation. Chery Holdings is sincerely invited to focus on Yueyang, so that they can seek mutual cooperation opportunities, establish contact mechanisms, develop new space for bilateral cooperation and development, and share development achievements together. Yin Tongyue, the chairman of Chery Holdings, said that he will arrange a field visit to Yueyang as soon as possible to seek cooperation and achieve win-win development.