Cement shortages - a temporary or long term problem?


Updated Wed, 28 Jul 2004 00:00:00 GMT

The United States is suffering a cement shortage caused by a number of factors including a strong economy and corresponding increases in cement consumption. Domestic production is under pressure and difficulties with imports are a result of a combination of high freight costs and a decline in availability of suitable cement in Asia and the Mediterranean. Cement prices have seen steep rises and the construction industry in the US is suggesting that the anti dumping tariffs on Mexican cement are temporarily relieved to alleviate the present shortage.

“Is the current cement shortage a temporary or a long term problem?”

The INTERCEM Workshop in San Diego on December 8-9 2004 will attempt to provide an answer to this question. The Workshop is divided into three sessions. The first session will look at the US economy and the outlook for cement consumption in the current years. This will be followed by a review of the availability of cement worldwide that would be suitable to be exported to the USA and a review on the global shipping situation. As anti dumping legislation has a clear effect on US imports a brief review of the current developments will also be provided.

The second session will focus on the US import terminals. A full overview of existing terminals will be provided with current developments on new terminals and expansions. Riverside Consulting and INTERCEM Consulting together will host a session in which a logistical and economical model of a cement import terminal will be used to highlight key differences in terminal design and the effects of the use of various types of equipment and storage facilities. This will be done with close involvement of equipment suppliers and terminal operators in the audience.

The shortage of cement also provides an opportunity to focus on fly-ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag and other cement replacement materials and technologies. These will be covered in detail in the third session of the workshop. The availability and present usage of fly-ash and ggbfs will be reviewed as well as the future outlook for these products.

The INTERCEM Workshop “Cement shortages in the USA – a temporary or long term problem?” will provide a unique insight in the current situation of the US cement industry.

We are looking forward to seeing you in San Diego, where your industry will meet.

Location:Omni San Diego Hotel, San Diego, California
Dates:From 08 December 2004 to 09 December 2004