2005 China (Shanghai) International Dry Mixed Mortar Technology and Products Exposition and Symposium


Updated Wed, 06 Jul 2005 00:00:00 GMT


With China’s entry in WTO, Beijing’s successful application of the Olympics, and the coming World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the infrastructure construction of stadiums, roads, bridges and harbors etc. has been fully developed, which drives the fast development of related industries, dry mixed mortar industry is playing an important role in the field of urban construction etc.
As the leader of Chinese economy, Shanghai has a big market potential in itself. And East China with Shanghai in the lead is currently the domestic market with most radiation force, an important window for domestic and overseas merchants in this industry to make commerical communication, the center of domestic and overseas materials purchase, and is the concentrated location for a great number of related enterprises to promote their products. The economic growth rate of Shanghai has been in the leading among China’s large and medium cities, it has been the biggest trade and commerce circulation market in China and has big potential and development space. This exposition integrates “product show, trade negotiation, technical communication and information publishing”, in order to “advance technical progress, promote domestic and overseas sales, lead the market supply and demand and seek for better development”.
The organizing committee plans to sponsor this exposition in Shanghai, in order to further advance the fast development in this industry, and be better geared with the market, “setting up a stage, looking for market, and creating an image” for the enterprises. We are convinced that this exposition will definitely achieve success with the efforts of all!
Technical symposium
During the exposition the sponsor will organize several technical symposiums, to carry out international technology, trade and commerce communication, promotion and introduction of products. All units can apply to join the symposium, please set your own communication topic, and each symposium is charged at RMB5800 for 1.5 hours. Please fax the symposium application together with the expo application form to the organizer, in order to arrange venue and facilities as well as professional audience as soon as possible.

In Brief
Show days: Nov.17-19, 2005
Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Exhibition area: 7500m
Participating enterprises: 300
Visitors: 15,000