The largest private enterprise--- Guangyu group and its board chairman Mr.Fengguangcheng


Updated Fri, 02 Jul 2004 00:00:00 GMT

Guangyu group, lying in the improving region----Yangxunqiao town Shaoxing City,  is the largest private enterprise. Main affiliated companies of which are Zhejiang glass share holding Co, Zhejiang Huaqiang floor brick Ltd, Zhejiang technology Ltd, Zhejiang project glass Ltd, Shaoxing Huaqiang cement Ltd, Shaoxing Hunhong cement Ltd. its producing scale is  largest in Zhejiang province,forth in China. its Zhejiang glass Co was put into market successfully in Hong Kong stock exchange market on the tenth December 2001, it is the first private enterprise with stock H.
Guangyu explores new field and improve strength continuously. As the leader, the board chairman Fengguangcheng chose cement industry as his new field undoubtedly.Fengguangcheng’s achievement stroke many famous people. Immediately, he became the famous man and Guangyu group is issue talked by professional people.
Shaojun and Wanghongbin, CEO and COO Chinese Cement Internet Co, visit Mr. Feng on 24th February 2004.
Talking of why investing in cement industry, Mr. Feng said, he came into cement industry only for his rash action, but after touching this industry, he become very interested in it.With his good personality he success. Then in cement industry appear one more strong man. Since he decided to do something in this field, he think over about how he should do, first he formed a team of technician and prepared enough capital. About capital, he does not worry, Zhejiang cement Co could help him. Technology is very important. Obviously, if no technology, all is vain. Guangyu group has its own people strategy. First employ professional people with good experience, also employ some undergraduate bachelors and masters, and then train those people for supporting. But there not only need professional people but also need enough strength to produce, so Guangyu requires team spirit. About this, Mr. Feng told us proudly, he believes that every employee will take Guangyu as a big family some time later.
Many people more care producing plant and often talk about it. There is lots of view about plant, then Mr. Feng explained, there are three basic positions, they are Changxing, Fuyang and Changshan. In each position there are two plants, at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year, all the plants will be put into production. In other region (eg: Guangdong, Anhui), they are doing some preparing work. About the target, Mr. Feng said, the real production of 2004 is 2 million ton, and hope that the production will rise to 15 million ton in 2005, he plans to establish twenty plants and gain great achievement in cement industry.
 Although Guangyu achieved great achievement today, Feng’s creating course is so difficult. In 1967, Mr. Feng did some work as a tile maker; in 1979, he went to Wuhang with a team, in 1982, he came back to his hometown to carve his business. In 1990, the nation’s policy, stop building all the construction, almost made him bankrupt. After Mr. Deng’s southern patrolling, Mr. Feng borrowed four hundred million Yuan to build a glass factory, he works hard all the time, finally he gains today’s achievement. So he said, if want to develop your company better, you should comply with the nation’s policy. Talked about the cement policy ‘not do so many building at one time’, he said that it is nation’s adjusting to cement industry, it is good for developing cement industry better, and also the policy will wash out those kiln producing factories much faster. In Guangyu group except one plant with 2,500 ton capacity, others all accord with the nation’s industry policy. So there is no impact to Guangyu.
Guangyu is a typical familial enterprise; he does not think that familial enterprise is not good, there are many large groups are familial enterprises. Especial at the beginning, the enterprise could meet so many unimaginable troubles; at that time the familial members would draw together to conquer the difficulty. But if we want to enlarge our enterprise, we will employ professional manager. Presently, Guangyu is in changing, seventy percent of the managing officers are professional managers. By 2007, the familial members have all been in directorate, at that time, Guangyu will finish its changing of managing method successfully.
 The cement industry develops very quickly today; many famous enterprises come to China to establish factories. Then as a private enterprise what advantages it has in the competition? Mr. Feng said, the foreign enterprises make use of scientific managing, advanced technology and enough capital. About technology ours are mature, about managing, private enterprises have more advantages, for example, we know the policy and market situation; if we have enough capital, then foreign enterprises will have no other advantage compare to private enterprises. Moreover, private enterprises develop fast, he believes that there will be large private enterprises within ten years, so should not afraid of foreign enterprises, the two side have the same ability to do their production best.
Talking about so much cement demand in Zhejiang province, he said if no power shortage the cement production of Zhejiang province would shock so many people. Along with cement industry developing, the mine source would be used up one day, no source, how we can produce cement? So the power shortage is good for cement industry adjusting. Also with the factories produce with vertical kiln washing out, the cement production is controlled on a scale. So to the future of cement industry of Zhejiang province, Mr. Feng think it will develop placidly and not increase continuous. 
About selling, Mr. Feng has his own thought and method. He thinks that now it is market economy, we should do accord with market economy. So the product of Guangyu no matter what it is, all are the one-day’s price. Then on the contracts, they ensure the quality not price. At the beginning, many people worry about this method. But the fact shows all the things are available and effective.
Today’s develop of Guangyu can not be separated with Mr. Feng’s leading. As a leader making decision, he must have his genius. After this visiting, we get to know Mr. Feng’s force, his sharp sense to market and he special view.