West China Cement completes phase I of cement kiln waste sludge treatment facility


Updated Sun, 26 Jan 2014 00:00:00 GMT

West China Cement Ltd has announced that phase I of its first cement kiln waste sludge treatment facility in Lantian, China, has been completed. The new business venture forms part of the company’s efforts to improve energy conservation and promote environmental protection solutions. The facility has been approved by the Shaanxi Provincial and Municipal Environmental Protection Administrative Department to co-treat industrial waste produced by Samsung (China) Semiconductor Corporation’s manufacturing plant in the Shaanxi province, China.

The plant is the first cement kiln sludge treatment facility to open in both the Shaanxi province and the northwest of China. When phase II is completed it will have the capacity to treat 210 000 tpa of industrial and municipal waste sludge and is expected to generate approximately RMB100 million of profit per year (when operating at full capacity). The technology makes use of the cement kiln’s consistently high temperatures to incinerate the waste sludge. Gases and ashes generated during the incineration process are absorbed and solidified, thereby overcoming the issue of secondary pollution and resulting in risk-free waste disposal in cement production.

In addition to treating the waste sludge produced by the Samsung plant, the facility will treat other industrial and municipal waste sludge in Xi’an and the Xi’an-Xianyang regions. This will help ease the increasing pressure for waste treatment and promote environmental protection solutions in the area.

The company is planning to take advantage of the strategic location of its plants to install similar waste treatment facilities at its other cement production lines that have a capacity of 2500 tpd and above over the next two to three years. This would result in a total waste treatment capacity of 2.8 million tpa and provide a new stream of income for the company.