a cement company with longest history--Huaxin Cement Company and its CEO Mr.liyeqing


Updated Thu, 24 Jun 2004 00:00:00 GMT

Huaxin cement factory, lies in Huangshi Hubei province, founded in 1946,  we could traced back to 1907. It is one of the largest cement enterprise in Chinese cement industry. As a winner, Huaxin enterprise with 100 years’ history, does it have any recipes ? With all these questions, we visited Mr.liyeqing, CEO of Huaxin group.
Above all, we appreciated Mr. Li chatting with us. He would tell us about Huaxin's developing.
Mr. Li said, the principle, which Huaxin complies with, is ‘quality is first and customers are gods’. We keep using advanced technology, as it is the essential guarantee; since cement industry is a basic industry, the employers needs more skills and professional knowledge, so we employ technician very strictly.
Then, another new century coming, what is Huaxin's new goal? 
Mr. Li answered:  Huaxin has today’s success, depend on not only its ability but also the opportunity nation awarded. So Huaxin do business with responsibility for society. He said Huaxin would do as that all the time. ‘Responsibility’ means: people should do business following the rules of cement market. only if everyone trade following the rules, the market could be orderly.
On environment protecting, the nation pays more attention to sustainable environment protecting. while cement industry is an industry with heavy pollution.We should have the consciousness to protect environment, try our best to reduce pollution. There is a slogan ‘creating a place that human could be compatible with nature’ in Huaxin, the staff of Huaxin would work hard and do their best to realize the slogan.
In a word, in new century, Huaxin’s goal:to be a reputable group with responsibility.
When we asked Mr. Li what he think about cement price rising, he said price rising has its chanciness and inevitability; and it would rise for some time, but for regulation between demand and supply, cement price will be adjusted.
Later, visitors of chinacements asked some questions people care.
Asker: visitor of chinacements, Mr. Wanghongbin
Answerer: Mr. Liyeqing
Wang: how about your quality control system in Huaxin?
Li: Huaxin is an old factory with one hundred years’ history. We  comply with the principle ‘quality is first and customers are gods’ all the time. Except using advanced technology, we also have a series of managing conception.
Wang: which you pay most attention to, people and managing or advanced equipment?
Li:  I think enterprise is a system, should develop systematically. Huaxin pursue balance, which shows in finance, technology, culture and managing etc. special in enterprise culture.
Wang:  what is your wealth conception?
Li:  first, enterprise would pursue wealth, especial listed company; it should earn money for shareholders, the same as Huaxin. But enterprises should compete legally and support the market orders. Huaxin’ staff try their best to protect environment well and work hard to build a place that human could be compatible with nature.
we also improve material and spirit wealth of staff, which is to increase individual value. When income is more than consumption, the surplus can be donated to society, I think. For example, in China, a person whose annual income reaches 100 thousand RMB is very rich, when his income comes to 1000 thousand RMB, if he has no bad addiction, he can’t exhaust all the money. At this time, he can contribute some to the society.
Wang:  do you think network impact cement industry, how do you see network and how you make use of it?
Li:  network has already entered into every industry, of course into cement industry. The network managing system in Huaxin is
Carried out by our own information department. Through network, we can see the situation of Huaxin everywhere; also can do business efficiently. Of course, our network system is not very perfect and we are improving it little by little.
Wang:  what is Huaxin’s business policy?
Li:    Huaxin emphasis on perspective. I think there is a long road we should walk down, like marathon, the one can insists to the end, he/she is the real winner. Huaxin should do a farsighted programming. We want to stay at the forefront in Chinese cement industry; however, a leading enterprise should have perfect managing, and its value and contribution should be most, so we must work hard.
Wang: how do you see layman do cement business?
Li: I think different field need different professional person. In basic industry, there accumulate many professional people with rich technology and managing experience. Founding a company is simple; also enlarging is not very difficult; the difficult thing is how to strengthen the company. So I don’t think a layman do cement business could succeed very easy.
Wang:  although the cement of Huaxin is good, there are still many small factories around Huaxin in Huangshi, why?
Li: in fact, around any large factory, there are some small factories. Huangshi is abundant in mine resource, as is why Huaxin chose Huangshi. Since there are so many mine, of course many people come here exploiting. It is normal.
Wang: Is there any policy on officer corrupting? How about the corrupt situation in Huaxin?
Li: I do not think there is no degeneration in Huaxin, but we have a set of integrated managing system, including officer-supervising policy.