To be the cleanest cement plant ----visiting Zhang Caixiong, board chairman of Jiangxi Yadong Cement Company Limited


Updated Mon, 14 Nov 2005 00:00:00 GMT

Exploring and developing upsurge in Zhuangjiang Delta, Changjiang Delta, Western China and Northeast China took place one by one. It seems that Central China is comparatively quiet. But for cement industry, Central China has a good investment environment and rich resources storage. So Far Eastern Group Asia Cement Co.,Ltd set up Jiangxi Yadong Cement Company Limited in Central China, regarding Jiangxi, Sichuan and Wuhan as their three main production base. Recently, Shou Jun, CEO of China Cement Net visited Zhang Caixiong, the eldest board chairman in cement industry.

Why building cement plant in Jiangxi province?
Asia Cement has made considerable research in mainland and intended to bring back advanced cement technology and management to mainland. At last, they decided to set up a cement company in Jingxi because Jiangxi is affluent in limestone resources and is near the Changjiang River. Now, the plant has two production lines with 3300,000 tons annual clinker production capacity and 4000,000 tons annual cement capacity.
Future of Yadong Cement
   Mr. Zhang said, central China along the Changjiang River is the best area for development due to the convenient transportation. Asia Cement will set Jiangxi, Sichuan and Wuhan as their production bases. Mr. Zhang also said that Yadong Cement wanted to move its headquarters to Wuhan.
Do the best to heighten competitiveness
As the eldest board chairman in cement industry, Mr. Zhang has his own special opinions.
When asked whether so many other cement enterprises along the Changjiang River, such as Huaxin, Conch, Lafarge and Kehua, will influent development of Yadong Cement, Mr. Zhang replied confidently, definitely not. Because demand of cement in China is considerable due to the fast development, so our production capacity is only a part of it. Any enterprise can not control the whole market alone. Furthermore, competition is not a bad thing. Instead, competition can stimulate enterprises' technical development. We attaches great importance in enhancing products' quality, production cost, and whether do well in environmental protection. In addition, because the location of company, Yadong Cement seldom exports its products to other countries.
To be a clean cement plant
It is well-known that cement industry is a pollution industry. But whoever went to Yadong Cement will be definitely attracted by its green scene which likes a garden. Paying attention to environmental protection is the outstanding advantage of Yadong Cement. Taiwan' Hualian Cement Plant is a good example in environmental protection. Mr. Zhang also emphasized that electricity power by waste-heat should be promoted. This is the best way to reduce energy cost.
At last, Mr. Zhang gave a high appraisement to China Cement Net. He said China Cement Net has made great contribution to cement industry, and  he visited China Cement Net frequently.