Chinese first listed cement enterprise---Jianfeng Group


Updated Sat, 07 Aug 2004 00:00:00 GMT

Jianfeng group, founded in 1958, is 46 years old now; it has many affiliated companies such as Jianfeng Cement Company, Jianfeng Yaoye Company, Jianfeng Guanye Company, Jianfeng Imports and Exports Company. The group set cement and medicine as its predominant products, and real estate as its subsidiary business. The strategy 'dominate in cement market, best quality in medicine field, keep sustainable developing and trade in many fields' is the group's main principle.

A. Taste in market
In July 28th 1993, Jianfeng group was put into market in Shanghai stock exchange, which is the sixth listed company in China and the second in Zhejiang, also it is the first cement company that put into market. At that time, few individuals hold shares, but they are very overwhelming. They also motivate the cooperation to manage and deal very well. Since listing in market, Jianfeng group develop widely, the total asset of which is more than 2 billion Yuan.

B. Project in Daye city
Daye cement base In Hubei province is formed by Zhejiang Jianfeng Group Incorporated Company and Zhejiang Jianfeng cement Incorporated Company, and which is managed by Daye Jianfeng Co., Ltd. The base will be developed in phases, presently, with the first phase innovlving a new dry process with capacity of 4,000t/d being under building, and the second phase innovlving a new dry process with capacity of 5,000t/d expected to be completed in 2007 or 2008.

In middle region of China, the capacity of new dry process is no less than 30 percent, most cement products are produced by shaft vertical kilns. While in Hubei province, many important projects and infrastructure are under building, and they increase day by day. So there are enough places for new dry process developing.
Competition exist in the market also, many cement enterprises with different strategies try their best to develop themselves well.

C. Development of Jianfeng group
In Jinhua city, the capacity of Jianfeng is two million ton, in which, production of rotary kilns holds 68 percent. In Fuyang city, a new dry process with capacity of 5,000t/d is put into production in June, the capacity of which is two million ton. In linhai city, Jianfeng group has a central grinding plant with annual production of 0.1 million ton. Now the total capacity is close to four m t/ year.

The group plan to build two new dry processes with capacity of 4,000t/d in Daye city, and build a new dry process with capacity of 5,000t/d in Fuyang city. When the three processes were put into production, the total capacity of Jianfeng group would be ten m t/ year.

D. The national policy
In general, the nation's policies boost development and adjustment of cement sector, and they are good for large cement enterprises. But 'one-knife-cut' is not policy for long term. Jianfeng group will take the chance to optimize investment and improve itself well.

E. People strategy
Fist we establish an integrated principle for motivating and training, so that we could abstract more people with ability. Also we try our best to offer opportunity for employers studying and promoting, optimize salary and welfare system. For advanced, Jianfeng would form three teams (good operators, excellent managers and technicians).

F. Market of Zhejiang
In Zhejiang province, as cement demand increase, investment in cement sector is over-heated. New capacity and old capacity get together, which result in cement demand does not meet supply. Because of control policy, the cement price drops in this year. In some regions cement capacity exceed, and the competition is vigorous.

G. Historic events of Jianfeng Group
1. In 1984, Jinhua cement factory developed widely. In May 28th 1987, Jianfeng cement group founded, which covered many regions, sectors. 

2. In July 28th 1993, Jianfeng Group was put into market in Shanghai stock exchange, which is the first listed cement company.

3. In November 1996, Jianfeng Cement Group Incorporated Company founded.

4. In December 18th 1994, the first dry process rotary kiln was built. In June 30 1996, the kiln was put into production successfully. In October 1999, the second precalcinator with capacity 0.36 million ton was built and put into production in the same year.  In 2001, total cement production was 1.45 million ton, in which production of rotary kiln held 49 percent.

5. In June 28th 1996, Jianfeng Group merged Linhai medicine factory, went into medicine sector.

6. In June 18th 1997, Jianfeng Group held most share of Zhejiang Jinfa Incorporated Company, set foot in the third industry.

7. In July 13th 2001, Jianfeng industrial garden with investment of 0.12 billion Yuan was laid a foundation. 

8. In May 12th 2001, Jianfeng Group cooperated with Shanghai Huangpu Land Develop Central and went into real estate sector.

9. In August 6th 2002, Jianfeng Fuyang Dengcheng cement project was listed to be innovated.