Chinacements set a career column


Updated Fri, 25 Jun 2004 00:00:00 GMT

Chinacements sets a career column, now the column is in testing. We invite the people resource director of Lafarge, our consultant to Hangzhou to instruct for this column.
20th April 2004, Mr.cheng visited Century net science technology Ltd; he and our compilers discussed how to compile career column,we received many advice. Mr.cheng say, 60% professional people of China Lafarge are found from Chinacements, compare to other medias, in Chinacements, the cost is least while effect is best. So he pays more attention to this cooperation and advice Chinacements to do professors-finding service.
After two days’ discussing, the people who preside the column modify some program, also set professors-finding service as their developing business in the near future.