new measure of territory resources department


Updated Fri, 25 Jun 2004 00:00:00 GMT

Chinese territory resources department will do some measures to control land supply preventing cement industry from excess investing.The territory resources department will change itself from current single management section to national macro control section, in the future, land policy likes credit policy, will impact national economic developing.

In 2003,  investment in metallurgy, chemical engineering, and cement industry increased 50%, arouse ground usage increased 490,000 acre, rose by 17%. This not only results in excess investment but also more farmland being taken up.

The minister of land using department Sukexin said, fields controlled by nation, should not offer land to those fields such cement industry, steel field(cement is first). on a certain degree,to adjust economic developing is more important than credit loan.
Due to excess investment, there are many land being taken up and impact food producing. To that situation, territory resources department decided to reduce  land using for architecture by 20.3%, and also reduce plow land by 23.4%. This is the first time that territory resources department macro control economic through land offering.