Meeting of Chinese Cement Association


Updated Thu, 26 Aug 2004 00:00:00 GMT

As investment in cement sector is overheated and the growth is too quick, the nation institutes the files No. 103, No. 38 and No.20, these files are important for adjusting and developing in cement sector. In peculiar, No. 20 published on July 19th is very significant, it said, ‘except the projects banned, all the projects could be approved by provincial government’. During the course of file No.20 implementing, people meet many troubles. So Chinese Cement Association decides to hold the meeting on the day of October 13th to 14th.

Every member attends meeting on time please.

Following is the main content:
1. How to implement the files such as file No.20 and No. 38 in cement sector. The relative official would report specially and answer the questions of some people.

2. Study the operation in cement sector and its development trend, and discuss that how CCA should work all around.

3. Summarize the work since 2002 and the work in the future.

4. Discuss on the case of changing vice chairman, director and member fee etc.

5. Visit the sixth exhibition of international cement, concrete and limestone etc.