File on environment protecting


Updated Fri, 25 Jun 2004 00:00:00 GMT

File No.12 (2004) Urgent notice on executing file No.103: 
First: local environment protecting department should examine total pollution drainage of cement, steel enterprises one by one, if there are any enterprises, the drainage of which do not agree with standard or other polluting standard, should be informed to Central Environment protecting Department, they will publish before the end of March, also we will do the same thing periodically.

Second: local government should clear up projects, which are built or under building, or to build in cement, steel industry. According to the rules, the projects, which relative people do not announce pollution situation, should be banned and relative people should be punished. Also the punishment should be published in main media of province.  The result should be informed to Central Environment protecting Department before 20th Feb 2004.

Third: Enterprises listed in ineligible enterprises should be fathered in limited time. If they are still not eligible after fathering, should stop to adjust.

Forth: to the enterprises, which are eligible, should award them license; the enterprises in fathering, should award interim license; enterprises, have no license, should not be permited to release pollutant.

Fifth: to ineligible enterprises, should force them to do cleanly production checking, strength technology guiding and supervise cleanly production plan executing. 


Sixth: in the end of 2004, all steel, cement enterprises should install equipment, which can control polluting on line, and ensure it work well. The data in the controlling equipment, which is eligible, can be seen as the evidence for environment protecting department.

Seventh: from the day when this notice announced, local environment protecting department should do as ‘ notice on environment protecting examining for listed companies and companies applying for listed’ (file No.101 (2003)). Examine result should be in our network for ten days, after auditing, we will inform stock supervising council to check.