Forum on the Development of Cement Enterprises informatization


Updated Tue, 31 Aug 2004 00:00:00 GMT

As new dry technology develops rapidly in China in 2004, cement enterprises trend to large scale and integrated, and information system is necessary and inevitable.

In order to help managers and technicians of cement enterprises get acquainted with information system, lead cement enterprises into a reasonable program and layout, and increase economic benefit, we will discuss the way and methods of informatization; also introduce some experience of Mengxi Group on informatization.

Also in order to meet the demand of informatization and resolve the problem happened, and collects more opinions and methods, Chinacements and Mengxi Group will launch the conference on cement enterprises informatization together, and at the same time, we will do some training on information system and software of cement enterprises.

Main   topics:                                                                                                        
1.《present software of cement enterprises》
2.《analysis of key problem of informatization》
3.《benefit analysis of informatization of cement enterprises》
4. 《profile of Cemex information system》
5. 《 experience and course of informatization of Mengxi Company》             
6. 《strategy of Conch informatization》
7.  《strategy of informatization of Sanshi Group》
8. 《analysis of informatization of Fujian Compnay》
9. The difference of the information system between Chinese cement enterprises and foreign enterprises’
10. Way and methods of informatization of cement enterprises
11. The feasible rate of ERP implemented in cement enterprises
12. Real benefit of informatization of cement enterprises
13. Ask and answer of specialists

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ⅱ. Also we will guide you to see the scene of the grasslands and enjoy the songs of the famous singer, Mr. Tenggeer 
ⅲ. Please tell us your fax and telephone number, and inform us your participants before September 9th 2004.

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