Lanfeng -Mr.Zhaojinjian


Updated Fri, 25 Jun 2004 00:00:00 GMT

In beautiful city yichun, there is a garden cement corporation; it is only for four years’time the corporation has been hugest strongest cement  corporation of yichun as well as one of the top four civil cement corporations-------that is Lanfeng cement group in jiangxi province.
Mr. Zhaojinjian, born in Chinese cement village----lanxi zhejiang province, in his thirties he has devoted himself in cement industry for ten years. The young man with his sharp observational sense, chose Fengcheng as commercial battlefield, beginning his second career trip. It is just this decision made the corporation coming into today’s lanfeng group.
Talking of the splendid achievement, Mr. zhao attribute it to following five: First, depending on government, it is premise to save and develop; second,holding opportunity and dominating market, it is key to extend and strengthen; third, scientific managing and doing producing exercises, it is the basic to improve; forth, complying with law and honest deal, it is the guarantee to develop; fifth, thinking of original and return society, it is motivity to develop long time.

Referring to fengcheng Mr. Zhao was happy; near lanfeng, there are luxuriant electricity, mass of coal, abundant limestone, like starts around lanfeng. They are the basic for Cement Corporation to develop. Furthermore,GanJiang River, No 105 national highway, Gan-Yue thruway all goes through lanfeng; especially railway goes directly into workroom, who can imagine, before zhao’s annexing, shangzhuang cement factory’s annual production was only 150,000 ton, the situation was bad,hardly stop production.

Taking advantage of state enterprise reforming, lanfeng merged Ganjiang Cement Corporation entirely, and then increase annual production to 120,000 ton in September 2002. In order to put cement with better quality and high grade into market, in March 2003, Lanfeng invested 180,000,000yuan to build Lanyuan project that production capacity is 2500t/d, which will be put into production in may 2004. The act made Lanfeng has the competence to improve itself more stability.

Zhao has has an idea: set up a produce field for cement clinker in region abundant in cement source. He analyzes: cement clinker grinded into cement,should add cement clinker fringing aids,about 10%-30%. As the aid material can be found in local, to establish cement-grinding station is convenient, with cement-grinding station, many problems can be resolved such as staff reemployed, increasing annual production, reducing transport costs, dominating market.

More important thing is that cement-grinding station adapting the trending of cement cargo in bulk. Quickly, Lanfeng invested 15,000,000yuan to in northern industry zone in Fuzhou Jiangxi province, then Fuzhou Lanfeng co., Ltd born with grinding capacity 600,000 ton. Nanchang Lanfeng co., Ltd and Xinjian Lanfeng co., Ltd, with grinding capacity 100,000 ton are under construction, which will be put into production in June 2004; Shanggao cement produce base with annual production 2,000,000 ton is in planning.

Facing success, Mr. Zhao is not inebriated, in order to supply raw material perfectly, considering the local situation, he invest 5,000,000yuan to build Fengcheng lanfeng mining company and Lanfeng material trade company etc those super-enterprises, at the same time, for the sake of developing in each side, strengthening supporting force, Lanfeng invest 33,400yuan to create Lanfeng asset co., Ltd and Lanfeng plastic co., Ltd such inferior enterprise.

Each strategy was excellent, corporations help each other; the super feed the inferior capital, while at the same time the inferior can increase the additional value of produce, the group increases its competence of suffering in crisis. Zhao’s next target is Jiujiang.

Currently, in Jiujiang,  there is a producing base with 600,000,000 Yuan; the export dock is in building, in November 2004 a plant with 2*2500 capacity will be put into production, the other two are in assembling. Jiujiang is the position of Yadong Corporation----the top cement corporation in Jiangxi province, howLanfeng group contend with Yadong? Lanfeng has following advantage: in costing, low water carriage fee--only seven fens each ton; in quality, Lanfeng has insurance agent’s assuring, ‘famous brand in Jiangxi province’, ‘ advanced civil corporation’, ‘famous produce‘, ‘ key protecting produce’, ‘reliable produce’ and performing quality system ISO9001:2000 rigorously; in network, they change selling directly into business transaction and created a sale network.

He cares for employees'lives also.  Zhao’s tenet: ‘Lanfeng is my home, Lanfeng love everyone’. One hand, he invested 3,000,000yuan to improve  environment, 500,000yuan to plant trees; on the other hand: he formed a part department first in Fengcheng to strengthen fighting- encourage and confidence. There is rich and colorful entertainment and lovely leisure lives everywhere in Lanfeng. He want to share the splendid achievement with all staff well.

Lanfeng is hugest revenue of Fengcheng in Yichun region; offer so many positions for unemployment and surplus work force in village, the fifth country athletic meeting, Fengcheng yangliuhu scene project, Fengcheng shangzhuang high school project, Fengcheng shangzhuang elder village project, surrounding elementary school project, country bazaar project, Lanfeng community project and new government building project all get the much help from Lanfeng.