Different power price in cement industry


Updated Thu, 08 Jul 2004 00:00:00 GMT

In 2004, power shortage in China comes to 60 billion KWh; facing the situation Chinese government takes some strict measures. From 15th June 2004, power price increases 2.2 fens per KWh. But relevant people said that they still do not confirm the power price in east north, west north region.
 power shortage: it is reported, in 24 provinces, people have to use limited power in 2004, special in Zhengjiang, Jiangsu, Shanxi province.
What is potential danger of the power shortage? Chairman of Power Administrative Committee said: although we execute alternative using measure, there is still 60 billion KWh short in 2004; for the power shortage, safe working is not available often. All power plants work overloading; also facility are destroyed seriously, this make power plants not work safely.
In fact, since last year, Chinese government has carried some measure to relax seasonal power shortage, increased power price in peak using time, and executed different price in peak using time and common using time.
In order to control some fields’ developing, which consume much energy, in this price adjusting, Chinese government carry different price in cement, steel industry, according to the industry policy, in enterprises, which are classified in different grade, the power price is different. To enterprises, which should be washed out or restrained, the power price increase by two fens or five fens.