Chinacements visiting FLENDER Group


Updated Fri, 02 Jul 2004 00:00:00 GMT

FLENDER Group is the largest group that produces spread-moving facility, has advanced technology, and its quality is best.FLENDER reducer standard was listed as Chinese reduce standard in 70’s twenty century. FLENDER Group supply China many good reducers. Now in Chinese market 80% reducer products are of FLENDER’s.
On 14th June 2004, CEO Shaojun and COO Wanghongbin went to FLENDER Beijing office in Beijing Yansha region, visited Mr.chengpeijian, the sail director of FLENDER (China). Mr.cheng chat with Chinacements happily.
they exchanged some thoughts about Chinese macro control on cement industry. Also Mr.cheng confirm the position of Chinacements in Chinese cement industry and cooperate with China Century Net Company.
FLENDER Spread-moving Facility (Tianjin) Ltd founded in 1996, invested by French Multinational Company FLENDER Company in Tianjin, produce gear spread-moving facility and offer relevant service.
FLENDER Company (China) lies in Beicheng developing zone Tianjing city, covers 50,000 square meters, total investment is more than 10 million dollars.
Following photos are group photo, left is CEO Shaojun of Century net science technology Ltd, right is Mr.cheng, sail director of FLENDER Company(China)