CITIC Heavy Machine Inc. visited Conch Group


Updated Sun, 30 Dec 2007 00:00:00 GMT

In the afternoon of December 24th, the general manager Mr. Ren Qinxin heading the deputy general manager Mr. Yu Zhangfa, Wang Chunmin and other people from CITIC Heavy Machine Inc. made a special trip to Wuhu Conch Group. The president Mr. Guo Wensan, Group deputy general manager Mr. Yu Biao, Conch Cement Co.,Ltd deputy general manager Mr He Chengfa and other people in charge gave them a warm welcome.

When general manager, Mr. Ren Qinxin and his entourage finished visiting Conch’s new energy-saving equipment manufacturing plant, knowing the details of the production scale and process of the new energy –saving equipment for pure low temperature WHG, he spoke highly for Conch’s performances. He said, based on the conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, Conch had achieved a crucial breakthrough in the area of pure low temperature WHG by its independent research, which was not only used in Group-affiliated enterprises, but also spread in other cement companies both domestically and internationally. This has made outstanding contributions for promoting the development of equipment manufacturing industry for energy-saving and environmental protection.

During the talks, the two sides had an in-depth information exchanges related to further communicating and cooperating.