Say no to excessive investment


Updated Thu, 08 Jul 2004 00:00:00 GMT

Since last year, cement price rose in Zhejiang province, taking this chance people earn some money easily, but now they have to stop. On 9th Match 2004, Zhejiang economic trading committee publish a file, follow is the content: 

Only build new dry process with 4000 tons diurnal capacity.

Cement grinding station, which will be built, the diameter of its grinding mill must be longer than three meter.

Forbid building abandon process; wash out 50% mechanical shaft kilns, and in 2007 all mechanical shaft kilns would be replaced.

Execute ‘Zhejiang economic and trade resource File No.39 (2003)’ strictly. Cancel some enterprises, capacity of which less than 150,000 tons, diameter of their mechanical shaft kiln shorter than 2.6 meter; also cancel those enterprises, in which some environmental destructive accidents happened or unsafe producing accidents happened, in two years, local government should not permit their resource using.

Control power using of mechanical shaft kiln. And supply enough power to new dry process, while restrict the power using of mechanical shaft kiln factories. Confine area of mechanical shaft kiln cement using in market.
Control limestone resource strictly.

By the end of 2003, there are 42 new dry processes; the capacity come to 25.29 million tons, plus other production, the total capacity has been more than 75 million tons.

  The situation is not optimistic in Zhejiang province. Cement price went down in the end of last year, it was 500 yuan per ton, after several months in March this year, it was 300 yuan per ton, now it hardly increase by 10 yuan every day. In Lanxi city, the price of 32.5-grade bulk cement is 260 yuan per ton now.