Jamaica invests in road network and consider increased implementation of concrete roads


Updated Fri, 11 Apr 2014 16:47:41 GMT

Jamaica’s Minister of Transport, Works and Housing, Dr Omar Davies, is considering increasing the use of concrete in new roads and repairs. According to the Jamaica Observer, Dr Davies stated that the Ministry had been looking into proposals for concrete roads after being questioned about the state of road disrepair whilst at a meeting of the Standing Finance Committee. The Ministry plans to meet with companies that are involved in concrete road construction. The Jamaican Minister estimated that the cost of concrete roads could be around 7% higher, but that this would be offset by the longer life of the roads.

Jamaica’s government recently announced that it would be allocating approximately $689.7 million of the 2014/15 Estimates of Expenditure to the ‘Transport Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project’ and around $273.9 million to the ‘Road Improvement Programme’. The focus of the former includes working to minimse the impact of possible flooding, while the latter project aims to enhance planning, programming and budgeting for the road sector and improve maintenance, design and construction. Both of these projects will be funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Jamaica.