CRM3604 raw material vertical mill designed by CDI put into operation


Updated Tue, 12 May 2009 00:00:00 GMT

The CRM3604 raw material vertical mill independently designed and manufactured by Chengdu Design & Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. (CDI), a branch of China National Materials Group (Sinoma), was put into operation successfully on April 29, 2009. The vertical mill was a part of technical reform project for the 2500 tpd cement production line of Sichuan Guang'an Guixing Cement Co., Ltd..

The design and manufacturing of vertical mill, a core equipment in the grinding system of cement industry, has long been monopolized by European suppliers, while China's vertical mill localization has been developing quickly recent years. CDI, being devoted itself to the research and development of new technology, has also made great efforts to develop vertical mill.

The CRM3604 raw material vertical mill, with a grinding disc diameter of 3600mm and installed capacity of 2000kw, is designed for raw material preparation system of 2500-3000 tpd clinker production lines. It has the good qualities of stable running, easy operating and slight vibration. Under the precondition that ratio of 80um sieve residue reaches 12%, the average production of raw material can amount to 220t/h, and maximum production 240t/h.

The raw material vertical mill for 5000 tpd cement production line is expected to be put into commission next year.