Ten sorts of projects will not be approved


Updated Tue, 14 Dec 2004 00:00:00 GMT

Mr. Pan Yue, the director of National Environment Protection Bureau published that ten sorts of projects would not get the environment protective audit. Detail please following:

1. projects government forbid or do not comply with the national industrial policy
2. Projects which should be neatened and not comply with the national policy, Fg, small cement line.
3. Projects lies in beauty spot, water protection pot and nature reserve which impact natural environment or pollute environment.
4. Projects not agree with municipal plan or environmental protection plan.
5. projects lies in central of nature reserve or around
6. Projects lies in experiment district of nature reserve, which impact nature environment, projects lies beside nature reserve which impact environment quality.
7. projects the pollutant of existed facility can not meet the national standard and gross control, and no ability to improve old lines
8. projects have heavy pollution, bad product quality and high energy consumption
9. projects has no way to decline pollution
10. enterprises should be furthered