China will invest 100 bln yuan in rural highway


Updated Mon, 27 Dec 2004 00:00:00 GMT

China will invest 100 billion yuan(12 billion US dollars) from 2006 to 2010 to build more rural highways, said Zhang Chunxian, minister of Communications.

    At a yearly national communications meeting, Zhang said all administrative villages in China will be connected by highways at the end of 2010.

    According to statistics from the transportation department, 123 towns and 11,200 villages have built highways in 2004. About 250,000 kilometers of highways have been upgraded to expressways and 130,000 kilometers of bituminous and cement roads are newly built.

    With 8,500 buses running, farmers from 286 towns and 28,424 villages can easily go out. Zhang said. "Building highways in rural areas are the most beneficial to farmers."

    Zhang said the ministry will try its best to build highways on top of existing roads and not over farmland.