Ashaka Cement fast-tracking its expansion project


Updated Wed, 16 Jul 2014 10:07:31 GMT

According to reports, one of Lafarge’s Nigerian cement interests, Ashaka Cement Plc, is fast-tracking its N100 billion expansion project in the northeast of the country.  Ground-breaking on the project was carried out in April at a ceremony attended by the President, and now, having secured the necessary limestone and coal resources, contracts have reportedly been signed with the main equipment and engineering partners.

Speaking to the press, chairman of the board, Umaru Kwairanga, said, Ashaka Cement in the last 40 years since its establishment has operated in harmony with all its neighbouring communities and this partnership is working to the mutual benefits of both parties.” He went on to add that the company has spend N400 million on community-related projects in the last three years alone.

The expansion is reported to be ‘imperative’ to guarantee the future of the company.

Country CEO, Lafarge Nigeria and Benin Republic, Guillaume Roux, is quoted as saying that the N100 billion investment is a sign of the company’s commitment to the economic growth of the country.

Ashaka Cement is one of Lafarge’s companies that will be included in the Nigeria-South Africa merger, through which Lafarge’s Nigerian and South African companies will be drawn together under Lafarge Africa Plc.