China’s Guangdong province to make further capacity cuts


Updated Tue, 22 Jul 2014 11:09:30 GMT

As part of a nationwide attempt to eliminate excess capacity in heavy industries, China’s Guangdong province, located on the South China Sea coast, is set to make further cuts in manufacturing capacity for the iron, steel and cement sectors by 2017. According to local reports, Guangdong’s Development and Reform Commission stated that iron and steel capacity will be reduced by some 4.5 million t and cement by around 3.23 million t.

The province has already cut approximately 12.94 million t of iron and steel capacity, which should be less than 40 million t by 2017. According to the Commission’s draft plan, which was drawn up in response to guidelines issued in October by the State Council, cement and clinker capacity will be reduced to below 110 million t by 2017.