Cemex UK receives investment into carbon reduction projects


Updated Fri, 08 Aug 2014 10:50:50 GMT

Cemex UK is partnering with the Foresight Group to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency. Foresight Group is providing up to £4.5 million funding for the partnership, which has come through Industrial Efficiency II Limited, which is focused on large-scale energy efficiency projects and energy cost reductions.

In 2013, Cemex’s asphalt plant in Lincoln benefited from Industrial Efficiency II funding, with great success. The new round of investment will involve fuel-switching solutions at 10 Cemex sites around the UK. It is expected to deliver CO2 savings of 7500 tpa once fully operational.

Matt Smith, Director at Foresight, said: “This investment is the follow-on to our pilot of the solution at one of Cemex’s plants, which is performing well. It takes the total amount invested in projects with Cemex to approximately £5 million. We have funds to deploy in the energy efficiency market and look forward to closing similar innovative deals in the future, using the structuring developed on this transaction.”