US:Six of Cemex’s cement plants in the US recognised for energy-efficiency


Updated Thu, 21 Aug 2014 14:15:36 GMT

Cemex USA is pleased to announce that six of its cement plants have earned the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star certification. The recognition of Cemex USA's plants in Brooksville (Florida), Miami (Florida), Clinchfield (Georgia), Fairborn (Ohio), Louisville (Kentucky) and Victorville (California), demonstrates that these plants perform among the top 25% of similar US plants for energy conservation.

2014 marks the eighth consecutive year of certification for the Clinchfield plant, an achievement realised by only one other cement plant in the US. It is also the fourth consecutive certification for the Miami plant, the third for Brooksville, Victorville and Fairborn plants and the sixth year for the Louisville plant.

Throughout the year, all of the recognised plants put into practice the energy-efficiency principles established by the Energy Star guidelines for energy management that were developed by the EPA. These plants implemented energy conservation and monitoring technologies, promoted energy-efficiency awareness among employees and completed energy-reduction projects.

"Cemex is committed to sustainable practices throughout our operations, including energy-efficiency," said Karl Watson Jr., president of Cemex USA. "We are honoured to again be recognised by the EPA and Energy Star for our commitment to sustainable practices."