13 Eurocement plants recognised for product quality


Updated Tue, 06 Jan 2015 17:28:17 GMT

13 Eurocement plants were recognised for product quality at the All-Russian Mark (III millennium) Quality Mark of XXI Century awards. The awards are designed to promote high quality products, services and advanced technologies to the Russian market, and the integration of these products into the world market.

Eurocement’s plants received the highest award of the competition, the ‘Platinum Signs’ quality. In accordance with the awards programme, the Platinum contest winners are given the opportunity to obtain a passport for ‘companies of high quality’. The ‘passport enterprise quality’ requires plants to work on the continuous improvement of product quality, investment in the development of the enterprise, as well as complete customer satisfaction. The decision to award passports is made by the Council on certification by the Council of Quality Mark of XXI Century.

Products manufactured at the Eurocement plants also passed an environmental impact assessment, and were in compliance with the EcoMaterial 1.3. eco-friendly building materials standard. Obtaining the certificate confirms that the product conforms to all enterprises with environmental standards, and to the manufacture of products using advanced technology and equipment, which minimises the impact on the environment.