reports 1H15 results


Updated Mon, 02 Feb 2015 14:16:28 GMT

Pakistan’s Attock Cement has reported sales growth of 7.6% in the half year ending 31 December. Falling coal costs and rising cement prices contributed to an increase in gross profit from Rs.1.64 billion to Rs.1.99 billion, according to reports. The company increased its exports business, which brought about an increase in distribution costs, though with falling oil prices it is expected that these costs will fall in the next period.

Pakistan’s cement exports rose 3.99% in 1H15, amounting to US$268.699 million. In December 2014, cement exports were up 18.2% y/y, though they were down compared to the previous month.

Yesterday, Maple Leaf Cement reported improved profits in 1H15, with sales volumes up 7%, cement prices up and coal costs down.