Togo: HeidelbergCement inaugurates new clinker plant


Updated Tue, 10 Mar 2015 10:28:35 GMT

China's Chengdu Design and Research Institute of Building Materials Industry (CDI) will transfer the maintenance responsibility of HeidelbergCement's 5000t/day clinker plant to the Togolese people, according to CDI's chairman. The plant is part of a US$250m cement production industrial complex. Delivered three months in advance, it was inaugurated on 6 March 2015 with a two-year period warrant.

"Over the two-year period, CDI will train the Togolese to conduct care and maintenance of the plant after the contract has ended," said CDI chairman of the board Jiao Feng. The plant is in Yoto, about 90km northeast of Lomé. "We must underline that twice as many Togolese than Chinese were used for the construction and the outcome is the endeavour of both parties," said Jiao.