Indian real estate associations propose importing cement from China


Updated 2015-04-10

India: The Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI) has said that it plans to import cement from abroad, particularly China, in order to overcome the rising prices faced by builders and the Telangana government's decision to impose extra costs on trucks coming from the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh.

With trucks owners deciding to suspend their operations in protest at the move, there have been reports of cement shortages. "The cost of premium cement in the retail market is set to increase steeply, as transportation costs will shoot up with the government's decision to impose road tax on trucks from Andhra Pradesh," said CREDAI Vijayawada chapter president C Sudhakar. "To avoid this, there are plans to import cement from China."

Sudhakar estimated that the cost of importing Chinese cement could be 20 – 21% lower than getting it from Andhra Pradesh, a clear benefit to CREDAI members and local homeowners.

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