The CRM 5304 raw material vertical mill manufactured by CDI was put into operation in 5000t/d clinker production line successfully


Updated Fri, 05 Nov 2010 00:00:00 GMT

Recently, the CRM 5304 type raw material vertical mill designed and manufactured independently by CDI was put into operation in A line of Hebei Wu'an Xinfeng 2 X 5000t/d clinker production line expansion project successfully, and every index of it has reached international advanced level.

With advantages of low energy consumption, high grinding efficiency, strong drying capacity, simple system flow, large-scale production capacity, and so on, the vertical mill system has become the core equipment in the grinding system of the cement industry. Although the European suppliers have dominated the supply of such large-scale equipment for a long time, under the background that China's industry is growing from greater to stronger, vertical mills made by Chinese manufacturers have been developing rapidly today. With long-term commitment to research and development of new technology, CDI is also making great efforts to develop vertical mill.

The grinding table diameter of CRM5304 is 5300mm, installed power is 3800 ~ 4200kW, hence it can support the 5000 ~ 6000t/d clinker production line in its raw material preparation system. After the CRM3604 raw material vertical mill supporting 2500t/d clinker production line put into operation successfully in April 2009, CRM5304 raw material vertical mill began feeding operation in September 2010, and with the fineness of product being 80μm at 12% sieve residue, the production capacity of the system kept stable above 440t/h. Up to now, this raw material preparation system of vertical mill has been running smoothly with easy operation, and its vertical and horizontal vibrations are both less than 1.5mm / s. The Owner praised the outstanding performance of this vertical mill, and it's also the largest vertical raw mill made by Chinese manufacturer that has been put into operation.

Vertical mill researched and manufactured independently by CDI for slag and cement clinker grinding will be put into operation soon as well.

With our specialized technical team and wealthy practical experience, we have developed successfully the CRM series vertical raw mill and vertical mills applicable for cement and slag grinding, which has greatly promoted the development of grinding technology for China's cement industry. It has great significance and far-reaching impact on domestic fabrication of large core cement equipment, the structure adjustment and further promotion of energy saving in China's cement industry.

The picture shows the CRM5304 type raw material vertical mill is running in Hebei Wu An Xinfeng 5000t/d clinker production line.