Imported Chinese cement causes fresh labelling concerns


Updated Fri, 03 Jul 2015 16:39:59 GMT

Costa Rica: According to Central America Data, complaints have been made about the differences in the use by dates on cement bags misleading consumers. The cement bags in question were imported from China under the brand name Sinocem.

A label at the top of the sacks in question states that the packing date was 5 January 2015 and recommends its use by 5 July 2015. Another label on the same sack indicates that the product must be used within 45 calendar days following the date of packing, which would mean that the product has already expired.

The Consumers Association of Costa Rica has filed a complaint with the National Consumer Commission at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce over the imported Sinocem cement due to problems in product labelling that affect consumers.

"There is a deep concern that there is no clarity over use by dates for cement, which could even cause risk, because we do not know if the adhesives work well or even the exact date of the packing. With this cement being sold like this, consumers should be careful," said Gilberto Campos, vice president of the Consumer Association of Costa Rica.