Study says global demand for cement to reach 5.2 billon metric tons in 2019


Updated Fri, 28 Aug 2015 16:59:37 GMT

World Cement, a study conducted by The Freedonia Group, projects world demand for cement to rise 4.5 percent per year to 5.2 billion metrics tons in 2019. In value terms, this means global demand for cement will advance 7 percent per year to $420 billion in 2019. Gains will be driven by healthy increases in construction activities in developing countries throughout the Asia/Pacific and Africa/Mideast regions, says the study.

China will continue to be the largest driver of growth for cement, and North America will also have strong gains as the U.S. construction industry continues to recover from recessions. Additionally, blended cement will continue to be the most popular cement type at the global level, accounting for 75 percent of total demand in 2019, reports the study.

The report indicates that India is expected to post the fastest growth in cement demand of any major national market. Other countries expected to post strong growth include Vietnam, Indonesia and Pakistan.

According to the study, demand for cement in North America will have strong advances owing to the recovering U.S. market. However, while U.S. demand for cement has already benefited from a post-recession rebound, consumption in 2014 remained well below 2004 levels. Demand for cement in Western and Eastern Europe will also benefit from recovery, and countries such as Spain, Italy and Ukraine will achieve significantly improved performances, reports the study.