Pikalevo cement commission walking excavator


Updated Wed, 04 Nov 2015 18:01:59 GMT

Pikalevo Cement, a holding of the Eurocement Group, has commissioned new walking excavator and draglines as part of a programme that aims to improve the efficiency of its new quarry site.

The walking excavator reduces the overburden and dumping of rocks by dissecting and relocating them to a preset place, usually to the side of the pit. The walking excavator is usually equipped with a dragline that includes a bucket connected with a flexible boom and turntable. Unlike traditional excavators, the bucket and draglines are attached with a flexible chain to ensure that the ropes do not dig and scoop. The equipment is thus best suited for working over a ledge, with the ability to adjust the digging height either higher or lower. An important advantage of the walking excavator is that is only puts a small amount of pressure on the ground, making it possible to operate slowly and carefully.

Commissioning large dragline excavators reduces the cost of extracting rocks and contributes significantly to efficiency.