West China Cement to join the CSI


Updated Fri, 11 Dec 2015 10:38:06 GMT

West China Cement Limited (WCC) is headquartered in Xi'an, and a key gateway to the western region of China.

In recent years, WCC has acted as a consolidator of cement assets in Shaanxi Province and has also expanded production into both Xinjiang and Guizhou Provinces in western China. The group has a current annual capacity of 29.2 million t of cement and has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2010.

WCC recently announced a major transaction with Anhui Conch Cement Group, one of China's premier and largest cement producers, which once completed, will result in WCC's annual capacity growing to approximately 40 million t of cement and becoming a HKSE listed subsidiary of Anhui Conch.

WCC's cement production is geared towards the economic development of Western China, which is driven by the Chinese Government's Western Development and Silk Road Economic Belt Development policies. WCC's cement products serve the development needs of this construction and urbanisation, supplying cement to infrastructure, urban and rural markets.

With energy conservation, emission controls and safety becoming increasingly important factors in the Chinese cement industry, WCC continues to work towards best of industry standards in these areas. All of WCC's production facilities are dry process (NSP) lines, with heat-recycling plants installed at over 80% of this capacity and denitration (De-NOx) and particulate matter (PM) equipment installed at all plants. The Group is also engaged in hazardous and municipal waste treatment though its investment in Yaobai Environmental, a joint-venture with Anhui Conch Group. WCC is currently implementing a ‘Sustainable Safety Development Project’ in conjunction with and under the auspices of its strategic partner Italcementi S.P.A.