Nepal:There won't be shortage of cement for reconstruction


Updated Thu, 21 Jan 2016 17:15:41 GMT

Country's cement industry, one of the industries with high export potential, is looking for better future despite facing various problems.

The government has kick-started the reconstruction drive and it is expected that demadn for cement will surge once reconstruction of houses and other infrastructures begin. The industry -- plagued by severe power crisis, transport syndicate and government apathy -- is ready to support the reconstruction drive with build back better concept.

Cement industry uses 80 percent of local resources as one of its key raw material, limestone, is available in abundance in Nepal. The Rs 100 billion industry can compete with foreign products in terms of cost, quality and quantity if the government gives a little more importance to the industry, according to major industry players. They have also asked the government to address non-economic causes that can bring down price so that end consumers can benefit.

Cement industry, which is regarded the second best industry in the country after hydropower, is expanding rapidly, creating new jobs and opportunities.

Nepal Republic Media recently held an interaction with the cement industry players, and discussed the industry's problems, strength, and expansion plans.