Zambia:Ndola will miss Portland Cement Zambia


Updated Wed, 09 Mar 2016 09:40:50 GMT

  An integral part of Ndola will soon meet its end, if not given attention by the Government of Zambia. The Portland Cement Zambia, one of the most promising industry of Zambia in 2014-15 has been reduced to an old vacated premise under the Ventriglias. With hardly a penny left in the factory cash box and production being stopped in December 2015, the intent of the Italian Mafias are now clear- they are looking forward to wind up the factory!

  Numerous accounts of cash embezzlements has been caught red-handed, the workers have been mistreated and dismissed at will, the salary of many still stands due and tons of cement was donated to some people for building their mansion. But nobody cared about these facts, as the Mafias were clever enough to bribe the officials and keep their path clear. The end result is that a thriving factory is close to its last breath. A factory which had the potential of generating USD 5 million on a monthly basis is finding it difficult to deposit even $5 in its bank account. All the money which was realized from the sales of cement goes to the personal bank account of the Italian Mafias.

  Dr. Rajan Mahtani, a key player of Finsbury Investments and the Chairman of Mahtani Group of Companies has been deeply hurt by this incident. He has shaped this organization with his efforts and had a vision to make this factory as the largest cement producing unit of Zambia. But sadly, the Ventriglias had a different idea and the same has resulted in widespread devastation. Not only profits, but Zambia will also be losing an integral part of its infrastructure development unit. There would no longer be a place in Ndola where people would dream to have a job in and be a part of Zambia’s key cement producing unit.