Tanzania: Cement Firm Signs Deal With TRL


Updated 2016-04-22

Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL) has signed an agreement to ferry 35,000 tonnes of cement each month to Mwanza and Kigoma from Tanga Cement Company (TCC).

The agreement was signed by the acting TRL director general Masanja Kadogosa and TCC managing director Reinhardt Swart during the former's visit to the port city.

Under the arrangement, at least five locomotives will ferry cement to the two destinations in the Lake zone and western part of the country respectively out of which 15,000 tonnes is destined to Mwanza and 20,000 to Kigoma on a monthly basis.

Once implemented, the deal will bring the Ruvu to Tanga line to back to life. The railway line has not operated for years.

To reach Mwanza or Kigoma, the cement-loaded wagons have to be transported up to Ruvu station in the Coast Region and then loaded onto trains plying the central line.

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