7th Asia Cement Market conference


Updated Thu, 14 Apr 2005 00:00:00 GMT

Singapore 26-27 April 2005

Meeting Global/Asia Cement & Clinker Shortages

CMT 7th Asia Cement Markets Conference brings together a panel of key experts who will provide an insight into Asia’s cement industry. The conference will also look at growth markets of Middle East and Emerging Europe.
China continues to be seductive to the cement industry. How will the cement industry take shape here? To what extent will foreign ownership dominate? How will the Beijing Olympics contribute to cement demand? India, too is viewed with a more favourable light and offers great potential. With little foreign ownership, India continues to locally consolidate. What will be the issues for the coming years? Vietnam is a new and promising market. What are the market projections here? What impact does the reconstruction post-Tsunami have on the cement industry?
Building boom in the Middle East has pushed cement prices up. Iranian cement market has high investments in the residential and industrial construction sectors. The cement industry is increasing its output by over 50%. Another growth area is the emerging European region. How has the entry of the central eastern European countries in EU impacted the sluggish cement industry in Europe?
To what extent will the regional industry continue to consolidate? Are there more mergers expected?
Reducing cost is a key issue to the industry. What are alternative raw materials and fuel sources that can bring down cost? Does new technology play a role in reducing cost?
Attend CMT 7th Asia Cement Markets conference to gain the latest information on the cement industry.
Key Issues
• Global market update in the face of continuing consolidation
• Alternative Raw Materials, Fuels and new cements
• Ready mix, aggregates and block markets
• Shipping & global supply chain management
• Technology developments in the cement industry
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Who Should Attend
• CEO • President/Vice President • Managing Directors • General Managers • Marketing Managers • Operation Managers • Commercial Managers • Trading Managers • Corporate Development Managers • Financial Directors • Investment Bankers/Project Financiers • Equity/Research/Infrastructure/Building Materials Analyst • Project Managers • R&D Managers & Consultants from the cement, concrete, aggregates, engineering, equipment manufacturing, logistics and shipping companies.