Namibia: Ohorongo Cement lands in Angola


Updated Wed, 21 Mar 2012 00:00:00 GMT

OHORONGO Cement recently delivered the first of a thousand loads of bulk cement to the south of Angola.

A bulk tanker shipped the load to Santa Clara last Monday. It formed part of a contract between Benjamin Hauwanga, owner of BH Motorspares in Namibia, and his customer, CFRL in Santa Clara. The agreement will see about 30 000 metric tons of cement exported until year-end.

The project forms part of Ohorongo's bigger plan to expand exports to approximately 350 000 metric tons annually.

The shipment however doesn't mean that the Angolan government has lifted the ban on importing cement from Namibia yet, Johan Burger, Ohorongo's manager for sales, marketing and logistics, said yesterday. This particular deal was allowed because a permit holder was involved, he said.

The Angolan government last June introduced a moratorium on the importation of several products, including cement. Earlier this year, Angolan Minister of Commerce Maria Idalina de Oliveira Valente was quoted in the local media saying that the government would ease import restriction for normal or all-purpose cement.

The moratorium on importation of other types of cement would remain in place until the two countries sort out issues of rules of origin, and the joint commission on trade becomes more active in facilitating the flow of communication between the two governments, De Oliveira Valenta was quoted.