Great Job! 6 Lines with daily Output of Ten Thousand Tons of Cement from Conch are Coming!


Updated 2019-12-03

  According to local media reports in Chizhou City, Chizhou City is vigorously promoting the construction of aggregate and clinker projects at present. Prior to this, Chizhou's largest investment attraction project, the Chizhou Changjiu (Shenshan) Limestone Mine Project, has gone into operation.

  It is reported that in Niutoushan Town, Guichi Dist., Chizhou Conch Cement is advancing the fourth-phase project. The fourth phase of the project will include four production lines that each can realize a daily output of 12,000 tons (12,000t/d).

  After the production of the fourth phase of the project, it is expected that Chizhou Conch Company will become the world's largest single clinker plant by the 14th Five-Year Plan. According to data from China Cement Big Data Platform (, the first-phase project of Chizhou Conch Cement with two 5000t / d production lines was put into operation in 2002, the second-phase with one 8000t / d production line was launched in 2003 and the third-phase with four 5000t / d production lines were put into operation in 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012 respectively.

  In addition, a few days ago, the Office of the People's Government of Chongzuo City, Guangxi issued the“Notice on Printing and Distributing the Work Plan for the Promotion of Chongzuo's ”Double Ten Double New ”Industrial Projects”, and announced the city’s list of“Double Ten Double New” industrial projects, including Fusui Conch Green Building Material Industrial Park project with a total investment of 10.8 billion RMB.

  The project content shows that the project is mainly based on Fusui Xinning Conch Cement Co., Ltd.. It invests in the construction of advanced building materials with an annual output of 10 million tons of aggregate, machined sand, calcium carbonate, nano calcium and ultra-fine calcium, construction of two cement production lines that each has a daily output of 10,000 tons, and supporting construction of twelve 1,000-ton dedicated berths. It also takes advantages of the first-phase Conch Cement mine site to plan the construction of a comprehensive logistics park, the production of new aluminum building materials, fabricated building materials, Health Care center and other projects. At the same time, it accelerates the construction of supporting infrastructure in the park, strengthens investment promotion and attraction, also actively introduces building material product enterprises, hence to build the Conch Fusui Green Building Material Industrial Park.

  According to the plan, the project will start in 2019 and be completed in 2023.

  According to the 2018 China National Cement Clinker Top 100 List released by China Cement Network, Conch Group ranked second with 208 million tons / year of cement clinker production capacity. And there are less than 40 days before the release of the 2019 version. What will happen to the rankings of the major companies in the new list? Please continue to pay attention to China Cement Network ...

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