Officially signed! CR Cement's 10 billion large project landed in Hunan!


Updated 2022-01-19

On January 7, China Resources Cement Investment Co., Ltd. and the People's Government of You County, Zhuzhou City, Hunan formally signed an investment agreement at the headquarters of China Resources Cement (Holdings) Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. The total contract amount of the project was 10 billion yuan. Wu Nuoqiang, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county head, and Ji Youhong, secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Resources Cement Holdings Co., Ltd. attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

In January 2021, the People's Government of You County and China Resources Cement (Holdings) Co., Ltd. signed the Letter of Intent for Cooperation of China Resources Cement (You Country) Green Building Materials Industrial Park. CR Cement plans to invest 10 billion yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in You County to build China Resources (You Country) Green Building Materials Industrial Park. After the letter of intent was signed, the county party committee and the county government attached great importance to the project. In the early stage, a series of pragmatic work was carried out by establishing a special leading group, inspecting the site selection, and promoting the transfer of mining areas, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the project.

At the signing ceremony, Wu Nuoqiang, on behalf of the county party committee and the county government, showed warm congratulations on the official settlement of the China Resources Cement Green Building Materials Industrial Park (You Country) Project in You Country. He said that over the past year, the two sides have adhered to the concepts of pragmatism, efficiency, win-win and development, and jointly contributed to the official signing of the project finally, which demonstrates the great importance of both sides. It is hoped that the two sides will continue to strengthen joint efforts, settle the project schedule in reversed order, strengthen communication and cooperation, and be problem-oriented to jointly promote the early start of the project. The county party committee and county government will continue to uphold the concept of pragmatic, efficient and win-win development, provide various service guarantees for the implementation and completion of the project, and strive to build the China Resources Building Materials (You Country) project into the paragon of the enterprise-local cooperation of Hunan-Jiangxi border, the paragon of the development and construction of old revolutionary base areas supported by central enterprises, and the paragon of transformation and upgrading of resource country. It is hoped that more enterprises will come to You Country to inspect and investment. At the same time, he also hope that the vast number of business people in You County can go home to see more, support the construction of their hometown, contribute to the reform and development of You County, and make greater contributions to the development of various undertakings in their hometown.

Ji Youhong said that CR Cement will carry out the project in accordance with the relevant requirements of the signing agreement, and ensure that the personnel, funds, management and environmental protection are in place, and the project will be completed and put into production as scheduled. CR Cement will actively create Three Models and give full play to its due contribution as a central enterprise in helping local economic and social development. It is hoped that the county party committee and the county government will continue to support the development of CR Cement in Youxian County. The two parties should cooperate sincerely and jointly promote the early construction, completion and production of the project.

After the signing ceremony, Wu Nuoqiang and his party visited China Resources Cement (Holdings) Co., Ltd. and listened to its business development report.

County leaders Feng Jie, Peng Aibin and Liu Fenghua attended the ceremony.

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