• The new strong group,CRC Cement (Hong Kong Huarun Cement Company), general manager Mr. Shi Shanbo(update)

    CRC Group (Huarun) is well known, which is a stated control enterprise and deal in many fields in Hong Kong. The two identities (stated own and foreign) make it gets strength easy. The parent company is State Asset Commission, while local government absorbed investment of Hong Ko

  • land use is tightened

    A new resolution to protect arable land and basic cultivatable land, was introduced by the State Council recently. Tightened land management exerts awidely impact on China's sustainable development, therefore it be implemented as a long-term State policy.Land is the basis for any

  • Interest rise to cool property sector(a)

    The interest rate hike announced last week is likely to herald future hikes, analysts said. The central People's Bank of China jacked up interest rates the first time in nine years. The benchmark rate for one-year renminbi loans was lifted to 5.58 per cent from 5.31 per cent and

  • Interest rise to cool property sector(b)

    The rate rise indicates the central government's determination to cap speculation in the property sector and excessive growth in order to lead the economydevelop ina sustainable development path. But it by no means implies the government would impose an austere policy, economists

  • Experts talk about interest rates

    The interest rate increase by China's Central Bank marks the first rise in nine years. Some experts say it willbring a positive effect on the Chinese economy. And it's also expected to help ordinary people over time. Experts say the interest rate increase will cool investment in

  • Four good tendencies of Chinese economy

    After the implementation of macro-control policy, there appear four fine tendencies in the deep strata in Chinese economy, said Qiu Xiaohua, Deputy director of the State Statistic Bureau. First and foremost is that the industrial structure has taken on a tendency for improvement

  • PBOC raises interest rate

    The People's Bank of China, China's central bank, announced that it would raise both lending and deposit interest rates 0.27 percentage point as of Oct. 29. The one-year deposit interest rate will increase from 1.98 percent to 2.25 percent, while the one-year lending interest rat

  • Premier urges tightening land management

    Premier Wen Jiabao urged local governments and departments to tighten land management and implement the decision of the State Council on in-depth reform concerning the strict land management. Wen made the remarks at a teleconference on strict land management of the State Council,