• the growth of China expected to slow down in 2005

    China's gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow by more than 8 percent in 2005 compared with an estimated 9 percent this year, according to a survey released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. The survey says that most of the 50 leading Chinese economic exper

  • China Rejects Currency Value Accusations

    China's foreign exchange regulator denied that Beijing has manipulated the value of its tightly controlled currency, a politically volatile issue with the country's trading partners."China has never manipulated its currency," Guo Shuqing, director of the State Administration of F

  • The 3rd International Conference on Combustion, Incineration/Pyrolysis and Emission Control

    CHAIRMANProf. Kefa Cen (Zhejiang University, China)CO-CHAIRMEN Dr. Robert Hall (EPA, USA)Prof. Jong-In Dong (The University of Seoul, Korea)INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEEProf. E. J. Anthony (CANMET Energy Technology Center, Canada)Prof. Sung-Keun Bae (Changwon National Universi

  • China's regulator to check bad loans at state banks

    TheChina Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) had dispatched representatives to check how State-owned commercial banks were managing non-performing loans (NPLs) to enhance their competitiveness. Theaction would also ensure the effectiveness of the country’s macro-economic contro

  • Power generation by waste heat and new dry process technology seminar

    To save energy is a long term strategy for China’s economy and society developing is also a stern work. In order impel enterprises saving energy, and economy is under sustainable developing. We decide to have the seminar of Power generation by waste heat and new dry process tech

  • China's finance operates on

    China's money supply continued torise at a "basically appropriate" pace in September, boosting confidence that the State's tightening measures to bring the fast-growing economy to a soft-landing are working. M2, the broad measure of money supply, grew by 13.9 per cent on a year-o

  • Macro economic control efforts pay off in China's capital

    Beijing's macro control measures started to pay off despite a GDP (gross domestic product) growth of 13 percent in the first three quarters. This was shown mainly in a slowdownof investment and a reduction in credit extension by commercial banks, said Yu Xiuqin,a municipal statis

  • New direction of cement sector’s environmental protection in China

    The trade of right of polluting is to use economical way resolving pollution. Do the trade of right of polluting; first ensure the total amount of pollution, then assign to every enterprises. The share enterprises gain can use or save for trading.The enterprises will try their be