• Moscow International Cement Forum

    Cement Industry of Russia and CIS is having one of the most significant periods of its development in the modern history. It is connected with the process of joining Worldwide Trade Organization by Russia, according to which Russian Federation has taken duties to raise.prices for

  • China tighten money and credit in first quarter '05

    There's too much money floating around in China, too easy to lend for the wrong investments in the wrong sectors, making it difficult to cool down overheated sectors of the still galloping economy. So, the People's Bank of China, China's central bank, recently warned 11 joint-sto

  • China efforts to curb risks in lending paying off

    Efforts by Chinese banks and regulators to contain lending risks during the ongoing round of the State's macro-management have made initial achievements, a top regulator said. But the difficulty of risk prevention in the banking system is increasing and banks need to work hard to

  • China's industrial firms' profit growth keeps slowing down

    China's industrial firms continued to register slow profit growth during the first eight months of the year, as the central government's macro-control measures to cool the economy take effect. Industrial firms earned total profits of 704.5 billion yuan (US$84.9 billion) during th

  • Growing up in rigorous competition----The board chairman of Leomax, Mr. Yao Jixing

    In Zhejiang, there are several private enterprises, especial there is a large twenty-five year old state enterprise-------Leomax Group. How Leomax develops under the competition? With this question, Chinacement invite Mr. Yao Jixing to the company to introduce some of his experie

  • China: Fixed investment rises 30.3%

    China's urban fixed asset investment grew 30.3 per cent during the first eight months of this year compared with the same period a yearearier, BereauofStatistics. The bureau, which did not give figures for August, said the country's urban fixed asset investment stood at 3.2 trill

  • The management of bulk cement in Chongqing(draft)

    In Sep 14, the Chongqing local government audited the draft of the management of bulk cement, the draft encourage people developing bulk cement, which is benefit to cement sector.Half of cement factories face difficultyThe director of Chongqing Bulk Cement Office, Mr. Huang Huguo

  • Asia cement conference will open in Mumbai

    Conference and exhibition for markets, capacity expansion and alternative fuels in IndiaMumbai, 10-13 October 2004Taj Land's End Hotel, MumbaiMake contacts and network;Latest Indian market trends and developments;Trading and shipping; Capacity expansion and optimisation;Alternati