• The government take some measures for recovering

    The national develop and reform commission handle the problems happened in clearing up the cement sector, and takes some measure for recovering.Following is the main principle in the course of recovering the cement and steel sector:1. Keeping macro control and consolidating the a

  • Meeting of Chinese Cement Association

    As investment in cement sector is overheated and the growth is too quick, the nation institutes the files No. 103, No. 38 and No.20, these files are important for adjusting and developing in cement sector. In peculiar, No. 20 published on July 19th is very significant, it said,

  • Industrial profit growth starts to slow

    Incomegrowth in China's industrial enterprises slowedduring the first seven months of the year, due to the central government's macro-control measures to cool down the economy. Profits made by industrial companiesincrease 39.7 per cent during the January-July period compared with

  • Macro-control policy moving towards anticipated goal

    Vice-Premier Huang Ju said that China's economic macro-control policy is moving toward its goal steadily as anticipated and his country's economy is advancing with a good momentum. Huang said that China has continued the opening of the financial market in an orderly way, the in-d

  • All small cement factories are banned in Beijing

    In the course of implementing the macro control, Beijing government suspend or stop 607 investment projects, which holds 11.4% of total projects, and the total investment is 164 billion Yuan, which holds 8.7% of total investment.In cement sector, according the central policy, the

  • China's economists suggest moderate interest rate hike to cool economy

    China's economists advise to takea moderate interest ratesoar to cool the economy as investment growth in overheating sectors likecement and property are rebounding after slowing down in the first half on central government macro-control policies.Ba Shusong, deputy head of a Stat

  • Fixed asset investment grows 31.1%

    China's fixed asset investment grew 31.1 per cent during the first seven months of the year compared withthe same period a year ago, the National Bureau of Statistics said. The bureau, which did not give figures for July, said the country's fixed asset investment stood at 2,711.6

  • FDI grows by a large margin in July

    China's foreign direct investment grew by nearly 46 per cent in July, indicating strong confidence by foreign investors in the Chinese economy despite the government's credit tightening moves. The nation registered an actual foreign direct investment (FDI) of US$38.4 billion in t