• Cement projects need approving of provincial office

    Shanxi provincial government wouldapprove of cement projects strictly in this year, and each local government has no right to do sanction now.The provincial government point out people should develop new dry process with capacity of over 4,000t/d and close small factories. In mid

  • Macro-control policies are favorable for China’s economy

    The world is amazed at the rapid development of China's economy. The macro-control policies to ensure that the nation's economy enjoys a "soft landing" have also attracted the concerns from many economists and financial circles the world over. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, managing direc

  • Chinese first listed cement enterprise---Jianfeng Group

    Jianfeng group, founded in 1958, is 46 years old now; it has many affiliated companies such as Jianfeng Cement Company, Jianfeng Yaoye Company, Jianfeng Guanye Company, Jianfeng Imports and Exports Company. The group set cement and medicine as its predominant products, and real e

  • Morgan Stanley Dean Witter visited Century Net Company

    The famous consultant company--- Morgan Stanley Dean Witter has interests in china’s cement market. After researching and analyzing China’s cement market, Mr. Wangyongning and Heziwen, managers of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter’s affiliated company in Taiwan, come to mainland pers

  • Forty cement enterprises are suspended In Wuhang

    Yesterday, in Wuhang city, Mr.Hu, vice mayor said, ‘forty cement enterprises, such as Dongfang cement factory, Hangang cement factory etc, were suspended for wasting resource and pollution' .Mr.Hu said, ‘in this year, the government would take some action for environmental prot

  • China tackles underlying problems in economy

    China has realized some fundamental economic problems contributing to the ongoing overheating in certain economic sectors and has begun to take actions against them. These issues, identified at an executive meeting of the State Council in mid-July and by renowned economists, are

  • Regulator urges loan support to private cement sector

    China's banking regulator has urged commercial banks to take a differentiated approach when tightening lending policies as part of the State's efforts to cool down expansive investment and credit growth. Liu Mingkang, chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), called

  • Xi'an cleans up coal boilers in urban areas

    XI'AN: Coal boilers are to be shifted out of urban areas in this tourist city to clean up the air in the Shaanxi Province capital, reported Tuesday's China Daily. Residents and tourists should soon be able to enjoy clear blue skies and fresh air as the carbon monoxide and dust ar