• 124 cities are banned to mix concrete in local place

    The cities are:A. Municipality (four cities)) Peking, Tientsin, Shanghai, Chongqing B. Large city (120 cities)1. Hebei province (five cities) Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Tangshan, Chende, Qinghuangdao2. Shanxi province (two cities) Taiyuan, Datong3. Liaoning province (ten cities) Sh

  • Growing energy demand plaguing China

    Torrid energy consumption is essential if China's miracle economy is going to stay on track, but generating that power will be much too expensive. China must reduce its dependence on coal and fine-tune its energy mix, as the country must boost the development of its energy indust

  • Economists upbeat country's economic

    Experts are urging government officials to remain vigilant to ensure the nation's economy lands softly, despite encouraging signs of China's efforts to rein in its overheating economy are working. "We should not merely fix our eyes on economic indices. We need to ... monitor ...

  • Tight control drags down growth pace

    Growth in China's industrial output slowed down in July thanks to the central government's measures to cool the economy. The country's industrial output rose 15.5 per cent in July compared with the same month of last year, but the growth rate was 0.7 percentage points lower than

  • International Powder/Bulk Conference & Exhibition 2004

    Shanghai, P.R. ChinaOctober 12–14, 2004Only two years after the entry to the “World Trade Organization“ (WTO), China has become the fourth-biggest tradeblock in the world after the USA, EU and Japan. With an expansion rate of the foreign trade of about 14 % in the last two dec

  • Shaanxi Province streamlines investment projects

    Around 90 major projects will be stopped and 151 others be suspended in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province in efforts to curb runaway construction, triggering concerns over jobs and growth. The decision was made after the inspection of more than 4,000 projects, valued at 320 bill

  • Cement projects need approving of provincial office

    Shanxi provincial government wouldapprove of cement projects strictly in this year, and each local government has no right to do sanction now.The provincial government point out people should develop new dry process with capacity of over 4,000t/d and close small factories. In mid

  • Macro-control policies are favorable for China’s economy

    The world is amazed at the rapid development of China's economy. The macro-control policies to ensure that the nation's economy enjoys a "soft landing" have also attracted the concerns from many economists and financial circles the world over. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, managing direc