• Beijing slows economy in 1st half

    Beijing's efforts to cool down itseconomy have started to pay off, according to the data made publicby Yu Xiuqin, spokeswoman for the municipal bureau of statistics. Economists had been concerned that booming real estate, steel, cement, aluminum and motor vehicle sectors had prod

  • Hangzhou's energy rules ease summer power crunch

    To ease the summer's increasingly serious power shortages, some industrial operations have been asked to shut down for four days in a week in Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang Province. The move, which starts today, mostly involves State-owned and privately owned plants

  • China's economy slows in second quarter as cooling measures take hold

    BEIJING (AFP) - Measures to rein in the world's fastest growing economy took hold in the second quarter of the year with figures showing China's gross domestic product (GDP (news - web sites)) rose a lower-than-expected 9.6 percent. Analysts had predicted second quarter growth o

  • SANDVIK BPI Co visit Chinese century net company

    On July 12th, Arthur Unterrainer, managing director of SANDVIK BPI Bohrtechnik GmbH & Co KG, with Mr. Zheng luofei, sale director in Beijin, come to Hangzhou and communicate with staff of Century Net Company.SANDVIK BPI has good reputation in the world, but in China, for ente

  • Cement price goes down, how structure adjustment going on?

    Cement price goes down in China.Presently except in east-north region,in Zhangjiang delta, Zhujiang delta, cement price decreases.Investigation in Guangdong shows,in the last ten days of April, Poland cement price decreased 5%. Liuzuoyi, Chinese Cement Association member, said, m

  • Tightening measures taking effect

    China's money supply and credit growth slowed significantly last month, increasing confidence that the State's tightening measures this year are adequate enough to cool down economic growth at a measured pace, Wednesday's China Daily reported. Fixed investment figures, another ma

  • China's central bank not to loosen control on loans

    China's central bank will not loosen control over loan extension despite complaints from local businesses about cash flow problems, according to Governor Zhou Xiaochuan of the People'sBankofChina. "We will not slacken restrictions on loan extension, though commercial banks have r

  • Cleaning up fixed asset investing in Hebei province

    Nowcoal and petrol are short, in steel and cement industry, much capital is invested in,the conditionis strange and unreasonable. In hebei province, local government cleaned up fixed asset investing.It took one and a half month to clean up those projects, check projects in cement